Friday, July 6, 2018

Build A Fancy Breakfast Tray For Your Own Bed

From now on only breakfast in bed! The coffee tastes even better on this wooden and copper tube tray.
A lovingly prepared breakfast in bed - who does not dream of it? The chic tray made of wood and copper pipes, we now just build ourselves! And rewarded with an extended Sunday breakfast in the warm bed.
The breakfast tray for the bed consists of a board, a few copper pipes and so-called solder fittings - and can be built in less than two hours.
·         Board 40 x 70 centimeters (here layered plywood birch, 12 mm)
·         four copper tubes, one meter each
·         Solder fittings copper 15 mm: eight angles 90 °, four tees
·         four silicone sealing rings (15 mm diameter)
·         Forstner drill or hole saw with 16 mm
·         Pipe cutter
·         hot glue
·         Pencil, ruler
Depending on the type of wood, the material costs are between twenty and thirty euros.

1. Cutting copper pipes

With a pipe cutter the copper pipes can be easily brought to the desired length. You will find this in the hardware store next to the pipes.
Mark the later interface with a pencil and screw the pipe into the pipe cutter (similar to a screw clamp). Do not turn too tight, otherwise the pipe will get a dent and it will be difficult to cut. Turn the clamped pipe around itself and then tighten. Repeat this process a few times until the pipe is cut with a clean cut.
You need the following lengths:
·         four tubes of 25 centimeters for the short horizontal connections
·         two tubes of 58 centimeters for the horizontal long cross-connections, on which rests the wooden plate
·         four tubes of 19 centimeters for the vertical connections below the wooden plate
·         four tubes of six centimeters for the vertical connections above the wooden plate
2. Insert handles together Insert
two 90 ° angles onto a 25-mm pipe section. Then insert the two six-centimeter-long pieces of pipe from the other side on the angle.
Place the two handles on the wooden plate and mark the four support points of the tubes with a pencil.

3. Drilling

To put the pipes through the wooden plate, drill four 16 mm holes into the wood.
Tip: For a clean result, drill from the later top side through the wooden plate, because most of the time the wood splits off at the exit point.

4. Sanding the wood

Then smooth the edges of the drilled holes with a piece of sandpaper. In this operation, you should also sand the edges and the surface thoroughly and oil the wood.

5. Attach Sealing Rings

If the wood is still splintered, you can use the silicone sealing rings to cover small bumps. You can fix these with some hot glue on the wooden plate.

6. Assemble the stand

The pipe of copper pipes is then put together according to this figure.
Put the tray together completely to check that all the tube parts are the right length and that everything fits together well.

7. Gluing instead of soldering

If you do not have a professional to work with you, which will weld the individual parts of the pipes together, now you will reach for the assembly or hot glue and stick the pipe parts in the fittings.
Fill some of the glue in the fitting and then press the pipe into the opening. Once the glue has dried well, the breakfast tray is ready. Now only the delicious breakfast is missing.
We wish all mothers a great Mother's Day! How were you surprised - or what are you planning for your mother? 


15 Ideas To Renovate Your Home

Renewing the home many times can make our perspective of life change as the design and the environment of the house is transformed, try to make these changes in the house with an open mind to a new way of looking at life.
To renew oneself is to live, says the phrase, and it can not be denied that the energy with which one thinks, contemplates and feels a place after a renewal, makes us feel more alive, more new to ourselves. This is the main idea to start renovating the home, but in addition to this great advantage, there is also the possibility of taking advantage of the space sthat for some reason we left forgotten, or wasted.

Ideas and tips for renovating the home

You can also get environmental and health benefits, removing objects or materials that accumulate fungi and many other factors that cause health problems. These and many others are the reasons to renovate a home, and here we present 15 ideas that you can take advantage of very well.

1. Gain space in the doors

Many times the lack of space is the main problem in a house. If you change your traditional doors by sliding doors you can gain a good amount of centimeters and also be able to reorder those areas that were previously hidden.

2. Under the stairs

When you are looking to take advantage of all the spaces in your house, the hole under the stairs can work as a bookcase, storage room and even as a small studio.

3. Home aspect

If yours is rustic with a very warm touch of home, maybe you should know that patinated wood floors are again a trend in interior design.

4. Use a wall to recreate

If your children love to paint on the walls, or if you like to write on the walls of your studio as a creative exercise, you can use a blackboard paint, which can be used as a canvas.

5. Versatile furniture

Bet on furniture that can be transformed, as is the case of sofas, which will give greater flexibility to small spaces, or allow you to deal with unexpected visits.

6. Modify the layout of your furniture

Change the furniture and accessories, so you can explore different angles of your room and take advantage of focal points that otherwise you would never have found. What happens if you move the bed away from the wall and take it to the center of the room? Or what if you arrange the furniture in an "L" shape?

7. Renew your electrical installation

If your apartment or house is more than 25 years old, it may be convenient to review it, because it would be useless to renew the appearance of the home and leave these things in poor condition. In addition it is convenient to install some devices such as current limiters or differential switches.

8. Vintage touch

It integrates rustic elements in the modern interior space with touches of rustic wood in furniture, shelves and beams. If you want to see some tips to give your woods an aged look, you can consult how to age a piece of furniture to make it look vintage or retro style.

9. Paint the tiles

While painting the tiles is not an easy task, with a proper priming process or with a special paint you can give a new look to the bathroom and kitchen tiles.

10. Light spaces

If you want to increase the brightness of your rooms, when you go to renovate your home try painting the white walls can be a good idea. It also helps to increase the feeling of space.

11. Laminate or non-laminated?

If you still do not decide to put a tone of laminate floor, the Floor Advisor online tool, developed by Quick-Step will allow you completely free to give you an idea of what your floor would look like.

12. Wood curtains

If you live in places that require heating, you may have to use this type of curtains to renovate the home, to prevent the heat from going away, literally, from the sale, thus reducing your heating costs.

13. Marble floors

If you want to give an elegant touch to your floor, and that at the same time is resistant and light, laminated marble can be a great alternative. In addition, the costs compared to the regular marble floor are smaller.

14. New pipes

Many apartments and old houses have lead pipes, which is harmful to health. PVC, polyethylene or copper are more appropriate materials.

15. Add a green and ecological touch to your home

This may be one of the most necessary renovations, adapt to the changes that come and the advantages they offer, for example, invest in solar screens, solar tiles, solar heater, solar charger, wind turbines, etc. If you are someone who is interested in getting your hands on the job, start creating your own ecological solutions, investing little money and earning a lot. This idea is one of the main ones to consider.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Decorate Bathroom Mirror - Practical Tips and Inspirational Ideas

In this article we will explore one of the many "small" but very significant decorative themes. It is the details that make the design perfect or that can spoil it. That's why we're always paying our attention to them. In the following, we show you many bathroom mirrors that perfectly round off the interior design of the space imagined for it. They are very cleverly decorated or even serve as a perfect decoration for the bathroom. Some of the examples also appear in other contexts, such as in a home or study. The latter, however, we have included, because they would also register well in the bathroom.
The reflection of great objects can be seen as a bathroom mirror decoration
Strategic use of bathroom mirror
The decoration of the bathroom mirror does not necessarily have to be understood in the traditional sense. It is not always about carved or painted ornaments. Sometimes strategic positioning can simply reflect great effects in it. Thus, in the picture below, the vase with the green branches also appears as a decoration of the mirror.
It is generally better if the effect of strategically appealing details is enhanced. In this case, the plant complements the simple but elegant wooden frame of the mirror. However, the effect would be even better with a frameless mirror.
The vase and the mirror frame harmonize wonderfully with each other
Interesting frame with storage space
In a number of examples below you can see great bathroom mirrors with original frames. In many cases, these also serve as a storage area for smaller or larger items. Such frames can be used for stowing utensils. But at the same time, you can store decorative items just as comfortably there. In the bathroom below, we are dealing with a very elegant and minimalist design. The use of metal for the mirror frame also contributes to this. Many appealing modern designs, however, rely on wood. So you have enough options available regardless of your interior design.
This elegant mirror frame is perfect from a decorative and functional point of view
The shape of the bathroom mirror frame
The bathroom mirror frames can show different shapes. The decision between "square" or "round" is not the only possible choice. Look at our picture examples and you will see many combinations of oval and rectangular shapes. That gives you many possibilities in the design. For example, the bathroom mirror frames can pick up various shapes from the interior design. Sometimes you can be responsible for welding together various elements in a variety of bathroom fixtures.
Oval or angular? Which shape would fit better with your bathroom mirror?
The lighting as a decoration
For the effective use of bathroom mirrors, lighting is crucial. But the selection of these can also be considered from a decorative point of view. An ideal example, we have in the picture below. Super modern frameless mirrors and the lights installed in a row make up a small art installation. The effect is unique and very appealing! It was equally well the aesthetic and practical requirements.
The lighting of the bathroom mirror can also be considered as a decorative element
Find your style
The modern decoration of bathroom mirrors must therefore be considered very broad. As such, for example, can look at an object that is merely reflected in it. Or could the lighting or the multifunctional frames serve this purpose? Finally, you can consider the noble mirror frames and other very classic solutions as a modern bathroom decoration, if they register well in a modern interior design concept. So, draw inspiration from these diverse possibilities and discover the best option for your fabulous bathroom!